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Commitment to Safety

New-Energy-Services-Logo-Med.In all of its work, CBP Energy Services is committed to a high standard of quality and safety, as well as to the protection of the environment through strict adherence to regulatory requirements. Bottom ash transport pipeline

CBP’s consideration of safety as a top priority is reflected by its premier on-the-job safety record, and in it’s low workers’ compensation experience modification rating. CBP Energy Services has on staff a full-time Safety Director, who administe4 basalt lined bottom ash lines 2rs all aspects of the firm’s safety program from initial and re-certification safety related training for the employees to the comprehensive corporate Safety Manual. The safety manual defines the company’s policies and describes safety –related specifications for topics from personal protective equipment to HAZPOWER, hazard recognition/ communication and emergency action planning.

Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, CBP Energy Services incorporates sound environmental management practices into both its day to day business and project specific activities. When initiating construction or maintenance projects, CBP Energy Services personnel also coordinate closely with clients to identify and assure conformance to site specific environmental requirements and to train field personnel in project-particular environmental permit conditions.

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